A lot of strange things happen when you adventure on the high tea. Teapot galleons, weasels in teacups, flying saucers of milk, krakens that just want to share a cuppa… On the High Tea is a comic about fantasy, strange creatures, and black humor among many other things, and all the weirdness great and small that permeates my life.


A new comic is posted every Sunday, and blogs are posted intermittently to keep you informed of other projects, the status of the comic, and when the shop has new items. While often family friendly, On the High Tea has regular violence and dark humor, and may not always be suitable for non-adults.


Enjoy the ODD-yssey!


About the Creator:

Shira is a queer artist and performer with a tea obsession currently living in the Northwest.  They spends their free time creating art of all kinds, hiking, reading, and searching for new stories to share. Fond of all things cold and fishy, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean aren’t safe from Shira’s pen (or snorkel). When not writing about the undead or debating the merits of oozes as a maid service, a love of historical reenactment brings Shira to various Renaissance Faires and SCA events both as a guest and performer.